Tips to sell real estate on Facebook – 2

For the real estate agent every sale is a long process where there are many details to take care.

The overall goals of your Facebook strategy should be to position yourself as an expert and connect with your potential customers.

  • Publish quality content.

To achieve this the best tool is to create content focused on your audience. Some examples may be:

  1. New properties.
  2. Local news that talks about the advantages of living in that place.
  3. News from the real estate industry.
  4. Photo and video virtual tours.
  5. Credit information and procedures.
  6. Reports on the surrounding area, with information on services and places available.
  7. Tips on how to adjust your new home.
  8. Catalog of available services. People will need a plumber or electrician to make minor changes to their new home.
  9. Use Facebook events to promote openings or open houses.
  • Analyze the performance of your publications.

It’s difficult to determine which content will have the most impact on your audience, so it’s important to keep track of the interactions each publication has to determine which works best. Only then will you have better results.

  • Take care of the quality of your content.

Whenever you can hire a professional to take photographs of the property, this is a prime part of your brand image.

  • Answer the comments.

Thank the positive opinions of your customers and pay close attention to the negatives. Serving them timely can be the difference between a bad reputation (as in the example above) and a satisfied customer.

  • Take advantage of the reach of other social networks.

Each platform has a specific audience, for example Instagram has a young audience which makes it ideal for selling accessories and clothing. Establish who your target audience is and focus your efforts only on the social networks they use.

  • Facebook Ads.

No matter how many followers you have on your Facebook page because every day the organic reach of your publications is less. The best way to reach your audience is by investing in Facebook advertising. The great advantage is that it allows you to segment your market very accurately at a reasonable price.

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