How to take good photos to sell or rent your apartment

Are you going to sell or rent your home? Make sure you make good photos for your ad. A suitable and attractive image can quickly hook interested people. How to achieve it? Here are some tips.

8 tips to make good pictures

  1. The first thing you should do is clean and sort the spaces you want to show to your potential buyers or tenants. Clear the place and get rid of everything that is not strictly necessary. Bet on a minimalist decoration, less is more!
  2. Get a tripod or base to support the camera so that it stays static at the time of the shot, so you will avoid taking moving photos. Take the photos in horizontal format: the vertical ones look smaller on the screen and space is less appreciated.
  3. Take pictures with natural light and avoid using the flash to achieve a much more welcoming result. If you notice that it is not enough, turn on the lights and make sure you get a good focus with the camera.
  4. Take photos from the corners to highlight the spaciousness of the spaces. The images help interested people to get an idea of ​​how the rooms are, the distribution and the location of the spaces.
  5. The potential tenant or buyer wants to imagine living in that place. Therefore, the ideal is to discard the images with empty rooms and instead create cozy environments. The photos with furniture are ideal for people to have an idea of ​​the distribution of space.
  6. The main photo of the ad must be the most striking of the home, it can be the living room or the kitchen. The ideal is to include at least one photo per stay, although more important than the number is the quality of the images.
  7. Do not forget to take a good photo of the facade of the house!
  8. Avoid the use of watermarks in the photos as well as the famous filters. Nor do you offer a gallery of very similar photos to each other and do not abuse the retouching of the images: the idea is to achieve a harmonious, pleasant and authentic result.