Looking for a stylish radiator for your apartment

After years of success the radiator is still in the picture. Whether it is the single panel radiator, the two-position panel radiator and the radiator, all have been heating our homes for years to full satisfaction. Member radiators can be recognized by the vertical columns that are connected to each other. This type, which used to be executed in cast iron, again enjoys more interest from designer and consumer. With the important difference that the member radiator is nowadays not made of cast iron, but of steel. Single panel radiators can be recognized by a flat or slightly ribbed surface. They are therefore also called ‘plate radiators’. If the water is spiraled between two of these plates, then there are two-position panel radiators.

Design of the radiator

In addition to the design of a radiator, functionality also plays an important role. First think carefully about where the heat element should be placed before you make a choice. The radiator for the bathroom is usually equipped with an easy slide or towel hanger for your bath towels. This also applies to the kitchen with all wet tea towels and damp towels. In these places in the house, the radiator must be mainly functional. The living room is a different story. There the radiator not only serves as a heat release, the design also has to match with the interior in which it is suspended. The radiator can even serve as a true eye catcher in the living room. An elegant heat source with a heart-warming character, who would not want that?

Format radiator

The size of the radiator is no longer decisive for the amount of heat that the source emits. For example, special mini radiators are available on the market. With these minis, the era of compact power, comfort, economy and ecology has arrived: super powerful radiators with minimal dimensions. Thanks to a specially developed technology, a new generation of intelligent radiators was born. These radiators think for themselves and respond autonomously to the circumstances.