Tips to invest in real estate

Tips to invest in real estate

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It’s time to stop being part of the generation of landlords and become the owner. For this mission, here are some tips for investing in real estate in your twenties.

  • Start saving

The life of any young man in his mid-twenties it is between parties, movies, school, cafes and other enjoyable but useless things. There is a great field of opportunity for savings with benefits. Open a bank account, and allocate at least 30% of your income to the mission: this percentage is the appropriate amount that you would allocate to an income, so better save it, while still living with your parents.

  • Find the land of your dreams

When deciding to invest in real estate, the first idea that crosses our mind is: The market opportunities in your 20’s are limited. Let’s face it, you’ll be dependent on your job, and maybe (from time to time) your parent’s help. That is why the real estate field that we recommend you check is located in the province.

Surely in your head will pass a thought: “province, how boring!”, But you will always have a home in the city (your parents’ house, which eventually will not be), so why not choose a cute Away from the chaos of the city, where you can build a house and enjoy life outside the city? Your investment will bear fruit from three to five years into the future.

If you decide to buy a house, you should check that the property is registered in the Public Property Registry and that its fiscal situation is regular.

  • Do not discard the idea of asking for a loan to your parents

It will always be easier than going to a bank, and after having projected the risks and profitability, it will be easier to convince them to become partners through financing (as in any real estate project).

  • Take advice with a professional real estate industry

As a young man of twenty-something, you are surely an entrepreneur without fear of investment and commitment in a successful future. Think that this investment, such as starting a company or a project, will be part of your lifetime assets. That’s why we recommend you to approach a real estate professional, who will grow your future heritage and get advice from an expert on the subject.

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