Keys to successfully sell a department

To sell a property efficiently, there are some essential considerations for success. That is why at the time of performing this type of operation, the so-called ” keys to success” will be of great support.

Price the property with a professional

This action is the first step to sell a department. The appraisal must be accurate, as it will help the owner defend the value of the final sale and specify it within the expected times.

Choose a serious and experienced real estate

This item refers to the service. It is essential that the real estate to be hired is enrolled in the Real Estate Professional Association (CUCICBA). Also have as many references as possible to carry out the procedure. Consult and compare all the services offered, costs, means of publication and number of published properties are other tools to consider.

Have the best publications

If it is a question of appearance, it is advisable to prepare the place with light and highlight the distinctive features. This implies that you have to show a good image to the public. This tip also suggests that the publication data are the right ones to seriously face a future sale. It is important to publish in all the digital portals with premium publications to achieve the greatest possible number of interested parties.

Find the right way to offer the place

Once the publications are made, the main reference to know if people are interested in the property is the amount of visits and / or calls. In the frustrating case of having less than one registration per week, it is best to check the previous steps again.

Start the search for another property “Simultaneous Operation”

If the objective is to sell to buy, a simultaneous operation is presented. Today the main portals allow to simplify the search according to the value and other characteristics of the property, providing clear lists and photos to filter what is sought.

How to deal with an offer

Before the arrival of an interested party, who proposes a purchase offer, it is essential to know all the details, such as terms, amounts and operating expenses. The attention of the real estate company in this process must be total, transparent and efficient.

Speed ​​and efficiency are the necessary qualities to avoid this problem.

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