Tips to sell real estate on Facebook – 1

Buying a home is undoubtedly one of the most important decisions in a person’s life since it is usually a purchase that will be with you for a long time; for that reason most people do not buy in haste.

  • Why you use Facebook to sell real estate?

It is the social network with more users in the world and the majority of its active population is of age to buy its first house. As if that were not enough, every day old people who may be interested in buying a summer house or investing in properties are joined by her.

On the other hand offers the possibility to segment your audience to target your ads to the target audience you have chosen.

  • Think locally.

No matter that social networks allow you to reach millions of people around the world, the people who matter are those within a radius of 85 kilometers. Other elements can influence, such as that your area has an economic boom and receives inhabitants of other cities in search of work.

  • Use a formal but friendly tone.

Remember that people prefer to do business with friends, make sure your comments are kind but respectful. You can post personal content on some occasions that connects you to your audience.

  • Create a tab with your listings.

There are many tools that allow you to place tabs on your Facebook page, so potential customers can always find your catalog with the properties you are promoting without having to review all the publications in your timeline. This has another advantage, since the publications in your timeline have a short life time you will not have to saturate it with listings.

  • Increase your range using hashtags.

Hashtags are labels that are placed in publications that allow social networking users to use the search engine to find everything related to that topic. Labeling your posts with hashtags from the city where you work will place them in the results of that search, same that could be making a potential client wanting to know more about the area.

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