5 Tips to boost your real estate initiative generation strategy

The real estate market has changed drastically with the advent of the internet. To stay ahead of the game and continue to improve your strategy of generating real estate initiatives, you have to think differently and incorporate social networks into your system of generating initiatives.

  • Use Twitter and Buffer

Using social networks like Twitter can improve your real estate initiatives especially if you show your properties in a loop. The Buffer application will help you make this task easier. Simply upload photos of your properties using the application program them in a loop. You can update it when new properties are available or when properties are sold. You may want to consider showing properties sold as well, to show you can sell well. You can set loops for different neighborhoods by creating a different Twitter account for each neighborhood.

  • Share benefits

Investing an asset of your benefits in the community is an old-generation model of real estate initiatives that is still important today. Use 10% of your profit to reinvest in the home-sold community not only will help your reputation but also improve the community, and push prices up. Community projects such as beautification, community gardens or youth programs are always a good choice. Being active and present in the community gives you the opportunity to meet more people by increasing your chances of creating initiatives.

  • Simple Facebook competition

Competitions in social networks create activity and initiative. A simple promotion like “Share this publication and get a gift at our open days” creates excitement and interest while increasing your initiatives by reaching people you would not normally have access to. Social networking is the new word of mouth and the more people you reach, the better your chances of creating those vital initiatives.

  • Using Instagram

Instagram works great with photos. Using filters in your photos makes each property look great creating more interest and initiative. Include photos of the exterior and interior, photos of the neighborhood and photos during different times of the day. Lighting is a powerful sales tool. A photo at sunrise or sunset will create more interest than a photo in the middle of the day.

  • Using a questionnaire

Attract potential customers with valuable and interesting content that will generate real estate initiatives. People are bombarded with lots of information, making fun and interactive activities more engaging with their customers. Consider adding a questionnaire about a property with a possible price to answer the questions correctly.

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